What is it ?

A human offspring that has gifted ability to influence evolution of humanity via incubating new human life in her body and as part of her own life. Mostly identified by pronouns she/her. This is only offspring that can naturally trigger the growth phase of a man in role of a father. On other hand, when her child is born, a mother in her is born too.

Role of Daughter’s Parents?

  • Help her identify her super powers;
    • Embrace girlhood/womanhood: Let her recognize and appreciate her strengths as a girl. On other hand, a girl who feels that she should have been a boy is a disaster of psychology and understanding of self.
    • Narative of life: Facilitate the discovery of her life’s narrative. On other hand, let the narative of her successful life not be distracted by shiny objects invented by luxury marketing, mimetic desires and professional career milestones that most humans come to hate at the end.
    • Boundaries: Let her create boundaries and re-evaluate boundaries at different walks of life. An inability to set boundary may affect not just herself but everything that she has direct influence on.
    • Respect: Nurture ability to demand respect from society through strong values and equally respect the contribution of men and women in her life without becoming arrogant about the success she has achived.
    • Use of Wealth: Wealth is mostly defined by Time + Health + Money. Accumulation of it in a right balance is hard but spending it in useful ways is even harder. Learning to invest resources is important life skill. Learning to define what a rich life looks like and investing early in the experiences & memories can help long term clarity of lifestyle design.