What is it?

This area of website is not to be intentionally indexed by Search Engines, Crawlers or Generative AI tools.

Why is it?

Internet has become complex. I love so many great things about it but also, the content and writing has shifted into new art of Search Engine / Keyword Optimisation (SEO) and the popularity contests judged by search algorithms & ad engines. Discoverability is important but if I have to think about it too much at the time of writing then it eats-up some cognitive energy from the idea of writing. With this approach of ‘noindex’ content, I shut the part of my brain that had to care about SEO-friendliness. I only optimize the content for “human friendliness”. Partly, because what I write here is only for human interpretation. And partly because I am not clear about how Generative AI (ChatGPT, BARD and alike) will mis-use or mis-interpret or appropriately provide attribution to my content.

So how will this content be discovered by others?

It is meant to spread when you share the link with someone you truly think will benefit from the content. Or you bookmark this in your notes that get’s shared. Or you get it in a newsletter sent to your email. There may also be purpose specific private list of links that can be shared by people.

Is this some sub-culture among writers? Will you abandon search engines?

No, not really. Most content fits well on internet only some sensitive topics that are better suited only for human eyes & brain with shared interests. This is just an attempt to draw soft boundaries for when automated crawlers and generative AI should stay out and not automatically process/manipulate/reproduce the message.

This makes sense! How do I support this?

If you resonate with what you see here, fork this, modify robots.txt, meta tags and make a noindex section on your sites aswel.